Overseas Education: 42% of Indian students are in favor of blended learning because of Covid, according to a survey

Edvoy, an educational counseling platform, led a survey on student interest in applying for higher education abroad in the context of the coronavirus pandemic.

The study found that 35 percent of students would like to go to higher education in Canada in September 2020 and 33 percent of students voted for Ireland.

Conversely, the survey also found that the United States was voted the most preferred study destination abroad by students for admission in January 2021, followed by Canada.

The survey shows that 43 percent of students have planned to continue their education in the United States.

Worldwide blocking

The imposition of worldwide bans led to travel bans and quarantines, as well as the closure of all educational institutions. As a result of the situation, several international universities showed willingness to introduce a blended learning model.

The survey found that 42 percent of students wishing to study at UK universities were in favor of the idea of ​​blended learning, a mixture of face-to-face and online learning.

Last month, the UK Home Office also announced that international students could start their courses online and register on campus by April 2021 to qualify for admission to the Graduate Route.

Sadiq Basha, CEO and Founder of Edvoy, said in the official press release: “At Edvoy we try to do the best for students who want to study abroad. The primary purpose of the survey that was conducted was to understand how the coronavirus pandemic has changed the choice of students wishing to study at international universities. “

Basha added, “We want to reiterate that we are with the students and the college community as there is an urgent need to help them during this time of crisis. We take steps to mentor and guide students so they can make the right decision about their future. “

The education guidance platform surveyed 4,000 Indian students who applied to colleges in the UK, US, Canada and Ireland.

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