"Opportunities in the field of investment management galore"

Is investment management a recession-proof profession? “We manage assets of US $ 100 trillion worldwide. As long as people invest and companies need money for their future, this industry will grow, ”said Vidhu Shekhar, Senior Country Head – India, CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) Institute.

He spoke at a webinar jointly presented by Business line and the CFA Institute for Career Opportunities in Investment Management on Sunday. The interaction answered various questions in the minds of students and young professionals looking to make a career in investment management – skills and abilities required, opportunities available, use of artificial intelligence and whether it can replace human resources, and so on.

Other participants in the discussion were Anil Ghelani, Head of Passive Investment Products, DSP Investment Manager; Miren Lodha, Head of Executive Training, CRISIL, and Lokesh Mrig, Vice President, Investment Research, State Street Global Advisors, India. The discussion was moderated by Business lineSenior Assistant Editor to Parvatha Vardhini C.

Skills required

While speaking about the qualifications and skills required to distinguish yourself in investment management, Shekhar said, “Ordinarily, those in investment management would have entered the field with basic financial degrees like CA or MBA (specializing in finance). or engineer with a financial degree. “He believes there is a difference between the skill required to enter and the skill required to grow.

According to Miren Lodha, before choosing a professional course, prospective students should look at courses that offer more holistic coverage of the entire financial markets. The course structure should also be updated with developments in the industry. “There is currently a lack of analysts’ ability to have a broader perspective on what is happening in the financial markets,” he said.

In addition to qualification, recruiters also consider the applicant’s analytical skills in this area. Lokesh Mrig said the candidates could be from any field including biology, commerce or economics. “We are looking for those with good analytical and problem-solving skills who can show a strong interest in financial markets and the economy,” he said.

In response to one of the audience’s questions about whether financial modeling skills are required, Anil Ghelani replied, “These skills are a must.” He added, “Excel is history now. Languages ​​like Python are faster and easier to use. I learned Julia, an open source language that is much faster and can adapt to different ecosystems. “

Panelists reiterated that there are currently several options in investment management. Lodha said: “The debt market has been far more volatile than equity in recent years. This offers many options in the context of credit analysis. “He also said that now is the best time to be a risk management professional. “It has to be ensured that the risk is now controlled within the tolerance limits,” he added.

YouTube video link For the event: http://bit.ly/THBLCFA


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