Online teaching is a tool for harassing teachers in UP
LUCKNOW: From eating parathas to brushing their teeth to the teachers winking and even flashing suggestive photos, the students do everything.

Online teaching in schools in Uttar Pradesh is now becoming a source of embarrassment and annoyance for teachers.

Two days ago, a teacher found that the majority of students in her online class were giggling uncontrollably.

The teachers intervened and found that one of the boys was wearing a vest and was brushing his teeth.

She forced the student to log out of the class.

Last week a girl ate ‘parathas’ and her mother was yelling in the background to finish her breakfast. At that moment, her aunt stepped into the frame and hugs and kisses were exchanged between the two while the class was on.

“Large numbers of students attend online classes in inappropriate clothing. In higher grades, boys are known to make obscene gestures towards teachers and then conveniently sign out,” said a teacher in Prayagraj.

Another teacher from Varanasi admitted that most students do not wear uniforms in online classes.

“They treat online courses like a picnic – some sip cold drinks, others eat sandwiches while others keep using their cell phones. There is no way we can discipline them for this new educational medium,” he told Shaswati Banerjee, a private school teacher.

She went on to say, “I actually fear that one day we will return to normal classes. I will not know how to deal with those who have made obscene gestures – some have even shown teachers porn material – during the online class. ”

She said that in cases where parents were informed about their child’s behavior, they argued that the child was “desperate” and “a little abnormal” during the idle phase.

In Baghpat, police officers are investigating a case of indiscipline by two students and their subsequent beating by a school teacher. A video of the teacher hitting the two students with a stick in a private school was widely shared on social media platforms. The students had allegedly sent her “vulgar” messages.

“Your brother passed out from this school. And he often asks me how the school is going and how the students are doing now. Should I tell him that his younger brother is sending me abusive messages?” You can hear the teacher asking the boy.

A teacher from Kanpur said girls don’t lag far behind when it comes to misbehaving in online classes.

“There is this grade 10 girl who comes on screen in revealing clothes and full makeup. I called her mother, who, interestingly, was defending her daughter and said she had recently ‘learned the art of makeup ‘Online classes started,’ said the teacher.

Speaking to IANS, at least two private school principals admitted that students should be made aware that online classes are as good as regular classes, except for physical distance.

“We cannot record all online classes, and parents must also educate their children about the decency and dignity of online education. In fact, we plan to continue online classes for some subjects after schools reopen. This is planned to to do that.” memorize the manners for the medium, “said one of the clients.


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