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The main JEE exams will take place September 1-6. In this regard, the NTA published important instructions that candidates must follow during the exam.

1. As a precautionary measure for COVID-19, the candidate must reach the middle as indicated against the reporting / entry time in the middle.
2. No candidate may enter after the gate has closed.
3. No candidate is allowed to leave the examination room / hall before the end of the examination.
4. After completing the exam, wait for instructions from Invigilator and do not get up from your seat until prompted. The candidates are only allowed to move out individually.
5. All candidates must download and carefully read the instructions and notices for COVID-19 supplied with the admission card and strictly adhere to them.
6. This Admission Card and its details are on four pages – page 1 contains the details of the center and self-declaration (commitment) form for COVID-19, page 2 contains “Important Instructions for Candidates” and pages 3 and 4 contain “ Notes to Candidates “Regarding COVID-19”. The candidate must download all four pages.
7. The admission card is provisional, provided that the conditions of participation specified in the information bulletin are met.
8. Candidates are advised to visit the exam site one day in advance to see the arrangements in the center so that they do not have any problems on the exam day.
9. If religion / customs require you to wear certain clothing, please visit the center early for a thorough check.
10. No candidate may enter the examination center without an admission card, valid ID and proper searches. Searching the handheld metal detector (HHMD) is performed without touching the body.
11. Candidates are advised to bring only the following items to the exam location:
a) Registration card along with the self-declaration (company) downloaded from the NTA website (a clear printout on A4 paper) duly completed.
b) A simple transparent ballpoint pen
c) Additional photo to be included on the attendance sheet
d) Personal hand disinfectant (50 ml)
e) Personal transparent water bottle
12. Before reaching the center, candidates must enter the required information in legible handwriting into the company, insert their signature and insert the photo in the appropriate place. You should make sure that your left thumbprint is clear and not smeared.
13. Candidates must have “an original government-issued valid photo ID” – PAN card / driver’s license / voter card / 12th grade admission or registration card / passport / Aadhaar card (with photo) / E- Aadhaar / food card./ Aadhaar registration number with photo. All other IDs / photocopies of IDs, even if certified / scanned photos of IDs in the mobile phone, are NOT considered valid ID.
14. The applicant must bring a PwD certificate issued by the competent authority with them when applying for relaxation in the PwD category. The writer must also carry their own self-declaration (company) regarding educational qualifications, etc., a passport photo, valid government identity and self-declaration (company) regarding COVID-19 (according to the format indicated on page 1). The candidate must also bring their own scribe.
15. For the drawing test – Part III by B.Arch. The candidate must bring their own geometry box set, pencils, erasers, and colored pencils or crayons. Candidates are NOT allowed to use watercolor on the drawing sheet.
16. Candidates are NOT allowed to bring personal items such as electronic devices, cell phones and other prohibited / prohibited items listed in the Information Bulletin to the examination center. Examination officers are not responsible for keeping personal belongings safe and there will be no such facility.
17. Shoes / shoes with thick soles and items of clothing with large buttons are NOT permitted.
18. 5 Blank sheets of paper for rough work will be made available in the examination hall / examination room. Candidates must write their name and role number at the top of the sheet and must be sure to drop into the drop box provided before leaving the examination hall / room. If you don’t, your answers may not be rated.
19. The properly completed admission card must be returned to the dropbox provided at the end of the exam. If you don’t, your answers may not be rated.
20. No candidate should use unfair means or indulge in unfair examination practices as the examination centers are under video surveillance and have jammers.
21. If at any time it is determined that the candidate has submitted multiple applications and / or has appeared on more than one date / shift, the candidacy will be canceled and legal action will be taken, including the suspension of any future NTA conducted Exams .
22. Candidates are encouraged to regularly check for updates on the NTA website. You should also check their mailbox at the registered email address and SMS on their registered cell phone number for the latest updates and information.

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