NLAT paper leak: PDF copy of question paper goes viral on social media during re-exam
BENGALURU: Even when the re-exam for the National Law Admission Test (NLAT) was carried out on Monday, September 14th, a PDF copy of the questionnaire made the rounds on social media platforms. The test was intended for students who encountered technical problems the first time it was run on September 12th.

India University’s National Law School (NLSIU) stated that some candidates had copied the questions and distributed them to messaging apps after logging in. NLAT is the gateway for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate courses at NLSIU.

“While this is a misconduct under the Guidelines for Surveillance, it does not affect the integrity of the exam because questions were available to all candidates after enrolling,” it said.

While the exam started at 12:30 p.m., the question paper went viral on social media at 1 p.m. Another 15 minutes were still available. “Our technology platform tracks and compares the response behavior patterns of each candidate. Therefore, any unusual behavior is identified and leads to disqualification. The university and its technology partners review the digital exam rounds to determine wrongdoing,” she added.

However, students raised concerns that the leaked paper was clear evidence of the failure to monitor as candidates who showed up for the online exam had used a different device to send the question paper.

“Many people on a legal discussion group admitted cheating. They received no warning while using Google or a calculator. This shows how weak their monitoring has been. I am sure many have made it through fraud and use will create. ” means unfair, “said one aspirant.

However, the university said it is working with its technology partners to “review the digital rounds of exams to accurately identify misconduct and to exclude those candidates from admission testing.”

According to the NLSIU, all candidates who asked technical questions were given exam details for retesting. Almost 80% of them took the test. However, the university did not divide the total number of students offered the re-exam.

That being said, technical glitches affected the test for some even on Monday. “I couldn’t log in because my audio monitoring wasn’t working. It was the same problem I faced on Saturday. I asked for help but they didn’t help,” said one candidate.

Some students complained that their papers were automatically submitted a few minutes after the exam started. However, officials said it could be because the student was indulging in wrongdoing or for other reasons.

The exam process has drained many students. “The timeframe was much shorter given the nature of the questions. The entire cycle of taking a separate exam, preparing for it in nine days, and then answering questions that are twice as difficult as the sample questions published was just a great confidence Drainer for everyone, “said one candidate.


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