NLAT 2020 from NLSIU Benguluru: Plea in SC challenges Jharkhand HC Order - Education challenges

An appeal has been lodged with the Supreme Court against the Jharkhand Supreme Court’s decision denying a motion to quash a notice from the National Law School of the University of India (NLSIU), Benguluru, about holding a separate NLAT-2020 entrance exam. The Supreme Court on September 11th rejected an objection to the NLSIU Benguluru’s announcement that a separate exam for admission to his five-year BA LLB (Hons.) Program would take place on September 12th.

The Apex Court granted NLSIU Bengaluru permission to hold the separate entrance exam on September 11, but prevented it from disclosing the results and admitting students pending the cause of the action. The Supreme Court passed the order upon hearing a motion from former Vice Chancellor of NLSIU Professor R Venkata Rao and a parent of the aspirant who questioned the university’s decision to hold a separate entrance exam.

On appeal against the Jharkhand Supreme Court decision, the aspirant petitioners have requested suspension of NLSIU admission based on NLAT-2020 pending their petition in the Apex Court.

The Supreme Court failed to take into account that there was no reason to introduce a new type and method of testing at such short notice that would severely and adversely affect aspirants with less access to technology.

It has been alleged that the NLSIU Bengaluru’s unilateral withdrawal from the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) violates the petitioners’ right to a just and fair trial.

The plea previously filed in the Apex Court by the former Vice Chancellor and a parent of the aspirant alleged that the NLSIU action created unprecedented uncertainty and placed an onerous burden and obligation on thousands of aspirants who are now unsure of the future course has action. Such a unilateral decision to hold the National Law Aptitude Test (NLAT) as an entrance exam for the university was made without consideration, “whereby the students were completely disadvantaged in the last lesson and their careers were put at risk for purely bizarre reasons.” With the plea in law, the cancellation of the notification for the admission to the integrated five-year program BA, LLB (Hons.) 2020-21 was requested with the press release on the NLSIU approvals 2020-21 of September 4, 2020. PTI ABA MNL SJK ABA RKS RKS


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