NIT, Warangal researchers develop safe sterilization system "OzoNIT"
HYDERABAD: Researchers at the National Institute of Technology in Warangal have developed a versatile, chemical-free and safe sterilization system called “OzoNIT”.

Similar to a household refrigerator, this system can easily disinfect vegetables, fruit, packaged food, clothing, wallet and shoes in a single step. At the push of a button, the device generates 500 milligrams of ozone gas from the ambient air in one hour.

“When these items are exposed to ozone gas for about 20 to 25 minutes, all types of viruses, fungi and bacteria are killed up to 99.99% without using sterilizing chemicals. Once the articles are disinfected for about half an hour, the ozone is automatically drained, ”said D Haranath, associate professor of physics, who developed the system with his researcher P Chandar Rao.

The chamber is designed so that no ozone gas escapes during operation.

Researchers said there are many systems based on ultraviolet (UV-C) light on the market that can disinfect the surfaces on which the radiation falls. However, you cannot disinfect surfaces on which there is a shadow of the items. This limitation is overcome by OzoNIT, ”added Haranath, saying that the ozone gas generated moves around the corners of the chamber and kills the deadly viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

NV Ramana Rao, director of the institute, said that OzoNIT is very powerful, effective and superior to all modern UV-C based devices available on the market.

“After the ozone treatment, vegetables and fruit could be cooked / consumed fearlessly, which led to thorough cleaning under tap water. Their quality and taste don’t change, ”Rao added, saying that OzoNIT should be part of every family, office, and educational institution to meet everyday disinfection needs.

“NIT Warangal is striving to bring this product to market very soon through appropriate mechanisms and investors,” added Rao.

The researchers said that OzoNIT can also disinfect and kill Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PsA), vegetative bacteria reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), United States, and that it is said to be as dangerous as medium-sized viruses such as SARS -CoV-2 (Covid-19).


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