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New education policy 2020: Teachers from the universities of Kolkata and Jadavpur criticized the new national education policy announced on Wednesday.

“This policy is an attack on the federal structure, as it undermines the role of the state in education through the creation of HECI. This policy openly promotes the privatization of higher education, opens our education sector to foreign investment and excludes economically marginalized students from remote areas. The division of universities into teaching and research facilities contradicts the idea of ​​a university where research and teaching have to go hand in hand, ”said Prof. Sankhayan Choudhury, Secretary General of the Calcutta University Teachers’ Association.

“The new policy aims to replace India’s integrative, democratic and progressive idea with a narrow, sectarian and bigoted idea driven by the need to spread the divisive ideology of a particular political party. It has thrown education back in India by at least a century, ”said Partha Pratim Roy, president of the Jadavpur University Teachers’ Association.


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