NEP 2020 focuses on large, well-equipped, multidisciplinary institutions: IIT Ropar Director
PATIALA: IIT Ropar has welcomed the NEP2020 and claims that it focuses on large, well-equipped and multidisciplinary institutions that will enable IITs to expand their wings in areas such as business school, health studies, law and humanities.

IITs were created as individual disciplinary technological institutes that have developed significantly over the past six decades in the areas of basic sciences and, to a limited extent, in economics and humanities studies. However, the main plank of the IITs is still technology.

The director of the IIT, Ropar, Prof. Sarit K Das, said that the second generation IITs are better able to expand in this direction than the older ones. “This is due to the fact that younger faculty members are more flexible and are still in expansion mode and have enough space and scope to develop into multidisciplinary institutions. The “Single Regulatory Agency” and the “National Research Foundation” are the two main aspects in which the IITs can play a key role in improving the quality of higher education in the country, “said Prof. Das.

He added that vocational training at school level is a necessity and that in developed countries it is taught at school as survival skills. He found that anyone in Germany, regardless of gender, can do jobs like an electrician, plumber, carpenter, or machinist.

“Due to the lack of these skills at our school levels, we have wasted a lot of time in engineering schools to teach these skills. Once vocational training is introduced in schools, engineering schools can focus on higher skills such as CNC machining, programming, analytical laboratory techniques, handling lasers, and working with precision instruments. “Said IIT Ropar Director

Prof. Das added: “A single regulator called HECI (Higher Education Commission of India) will improve and maintain the quality of education. Our numerous bodies such as AICTE, UGC, NBA, NAAC etc. not only cause confusion, but also offer the institutions the opportunity to escape through their gaps. For example: Many of the recognized universities avoid the NBA accreditation and support the NAAC and argue that since they are universities, they only have to prove the NAAC for technical education. However, the majority of them actually want to avoid NBA accreditation as it is more difficult to obtain. A single regulator will avoid this type of confusion and set a uniform benchmarking standard for all institutions in the country. NEP 2020 is a revolution in education in India. ”


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