neet news: There's no point in delaying JEE, NEET and most parents and students
NAGPUR: With the JEE / NEET debate raging across the country, many Nagpur parents and students feel that there is no point in postponing the exam. Both tests are carried out by the National Testing Agency (NTA) and will start on September 1st.

JEE candidate Malhar Limaye said too much time had already been lost. “How much more are you going to postpone it now? You can’t wait for the outbreak to end. Therefore, the test must now take place with every precaution, ”said Limaye.

NEET candidate Janhvi Munne said: “This delay distracts us because the data is mixed.” Her mother Vaishali agreed and said, “If banks are open, shops are open, cars are driving, why stop the exams? It is illogical to say that coronavirus only gets into examination rooms. ”

NEET candidate Gazhal Hemne said, “If every student takes basic precautions, there is nothing to worry.” JEE candidate Amanshu Jaiswal agreed, saying, “Postponing the exam will create stress.”

Vandana Kumbhare, whose son Priyanshu performs for JEE, said students cannot remain incarcerated for fear of Covid-19. “The virus is here to stay, so we have to learn to live with it. Everything around us opens up and our children have to adapt to the new normal. Precautions must be taken, but both life and trials must go on, ”said Kumbhare.

A senior government official who did not want to be named said his daughter was concerned about the uncertainty surrounding the exam dates. “She looks more at the news than at books. She is constantly checking to see if there has been any new development related to the test, ”the official said.

Raje Pratapsingh Bhonsle, whose son appears for JEE, believes that a balanced view is required. “I may not have a problem with the exam because my child has a local center and we can drop them off in a car. But we also have to think of those who come from outside and may have problems with transportation to reach centers, ”said Bhonsle.

The JEE / NEET question has now taken on a political color, which worries parents. Parent Sameer Joshi said: “All political parties need to recognize that we are putting our children’s academic future at risk. The delay in the exam has already broken its pace. And if shopping malls are open and liquor stores are open, why should you create a scene like this just through exams? “Said Joshi.

Parent Dilip Chafle agrees. “The exam should only last three hours. So where is the risk? All students will wear masks, the premises will be refurbished and there will be social distancing. So there is no point in postponing the exam, ”said Chafle.

Kshipra Sharma, who represents NEET, said she had reservations about the exam. “To be honest, I am afraid of the increasing number of cases in Nagpur. I will take one final call to take the last minute exam myself after investigating the situation, ”Sharma said.


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