neet news: NEET will further delay the future of students: 150 more academics will be PM
NEW DELHI: Over 150 academics from various universities in India and abroad have written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi that further delay in medical and technical entrance exams – JEE-Mains and NEET – will jeopardize the future of students. Regarding the growing chorus against holding these exams in September amid rising COVID-19 cases, the academics said in their letter, “Some are trying to play with the future of students to advance their own political agenda.”

“Youth and college students are the future of the nation, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, clouds of uncertainty have built up over their careers as well. There are many admission and tuition concerns that need to be resolved at the earliest,” said they said in their letter.

As every year, millions of students have passed their grade 12 exams and are now eagerly waiting at home to take the next step, the letter says.

“The government has announced the dates for JEE-Mains and NEET. Any further delay in taking exams will result in a waste of valuable years for students. However, the dreams and futures of our youth and students cannot be compromised at any cost Some are trying to play with our students’ future just to advance their own political agenda and defy the government, “it said.

The signatories include academics from Delhi University, IGNOU, Lucknow University, JNU, BHU, IIT Delhi and Indian academics from foreign universities such as the University of London, the University of California, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Ben Gurion University, Israel.

“We firmly believe that the central government will successfully conduct the JEE and NEET exams, taking all necessary precautions to ensure the future of students is guaranteed and the academic calendar for 2020-21 is in place,” added she added.

Over 14 Lakh medical and technical entrance exam cards – NEET and JEE – were downloaded after the National Testing Agency (NTA) released them on Wednesday, though the issue was discussed extensively by non-medical professionals during a meeting of prime ministers. BJP ruled states that decided to jointly move the Supreme Court to request the postponement of these exams.

The subject, which has been the subject of intense public debate over the past few months, has sparked conflicting views, with many advocating taking the tests, arguing that it would not result in a zero academic year for students, while the opposition and a Part of the activists calling for their postponement in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The issue also took on political overtones on Wednesday when opposition leaders attacked the central government.

While the NEET is scheduled for September 13th, the JEE Main technical entrance exam is scheduled for September 1-6. Around 9.53 lakh candidates have registered for JEE Mains and 15.97 lakh students for NEET.

These examinations have already been postponed twice after the novel coronavirus pandemic.

JEE-Main was originally scheduled to take place April 7-11, but has been postponed to July 18-23. NEET-UG was originally planned for May 3rd and was then postponed to July 26th.

They have been postponed again and are now scheduled for September.


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