The JEE (Main) exam will be held in 660 centres across India from September 1 to 6 while NEET candidates would take the exam in 3842 test centres on September 13.

NEET, JEE main 2020: Even when several states and opposition parties put pressure on Wisdom to run NEET and JEE exams in September, the Department of Education and the National Testing Agency (NTA) continued to work on the largest entry tests to be done during a pandemic.

For JEE (Main) 7.41 lakh out of 8.58 lakh registered candidates downloaded their tickets. Only 332 candidates have requested to change their central cities, which is rated positively, a government official said. For NEET, 6.84 lakh out of 15.97 lakh registered candidates have downloaded their admission cards in the first 5 hours since the download began at 11:55 a.m. on Wednesday, the official added.

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The speed was seen by many in the Ministry of Education as the desire and willingness of the students to take the tests.

The JEE (main) exam will be held at 660 centers across India September 1-6, while NEET candidates would take the exam at 3842 test centers on September 13.

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According to a government official, the Department of Education is keen to hold the exam as it will help keep the academic year on track and not keep students in constant uncertainty. When asked if criteria could be chosen to select students for admission, the official said there was no alternative to these exams, especially because colleges like IITs and AIIMS are in high demand.

The NTA has emphasized that it will conduct the exams safely and that a detailed protocol has been drawn up.

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States that have questioned the move to hold the NEET and JEE exams include West Bengal, Delhi, Odisha and Tamil Nadu. These are states from which large numbers of candidates will appear on the two exams.

For the JEE (main) exam there are 37,790 candidates from Delhi, 38,236 from Odisha, 53,765 from Tamil Nadu and 37,973 from West Bengal. Most of the candidates are from Maharashtra and the second highest from Uttar Pradesh.

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For NEET there are 53,993 candidates from Delhi, 37,459 from Odisha, 117,990 from Tamil Nadu and 77,061 from West Bengal. Maharashtra and UP are also the top two states in terms of numbers of candidates for NEET.

Obviously, NTA needs state support to run the tests. However, some states disagree with the NTA’s ruling.

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One of the strongest defense mechanisms for conducting exams in recent days has hit the director of IIT Delhi, V Ramgopal Rao. In a post on social media, Rao said he was responsible for conducting the exams after taking all precautions and following social distancing standards.

“Lockdown is not a solution for COVID. Lockdown was necessary to better prepare us. We can’t be in lockdown mode all the time. COVID will not go away for another 6 months to a year. We all have to get used to this new normal. The sooner we realize, the better it is for all of us. The last postponement of the exams definitely helped us to prepare well, ”said Rao.

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Significantly, the IIT Delhi is the organizational institute for the JEE (Mains), which is also planned for September itself.

“For JEE Mains, the test is now carried out several times a year. If some students cannot write the JEE Mains this time, they can take the exam again after 6 months. I don’t see any cause for concern. The consequences of postponing these exams further could have a serious impact on the IIT’s academic calendars and candidates. I don’t see how we can do two batches together. It will be a zero academic year for many students … We have already lost 6 months. If we do the exams in September, we can start the sessions in IITs (possibly online) at least in December. Tinkering with the exam pattern or the admission process during these times will also be harmful and unfair for everyone, ”Rao had said.

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“The JEE exams should be held in September 2020 according to their schedule. A large number of students and their parents want the exams to be taken and look forward to waiting for the end. The pandemic has already disrupted the academic plans of many students and institutions, and we don’t see the pandemic going away anytime soon. We shouldn’t allow this to be a zero academic year as it could have ramifications for the bright future of several students. Students and their parents need to have confidence in the system. The decision to carry out these tests was made after the fact that all aspects of the current situation were taken into account. The government has ensured that all necessary precautions are taken to ensure the health and safety of students. Delaying the exams would have a cascading effect, so we should come together to understand what they mean and to help the system run it seamlessly. “- Prof. Ajit K Chaturvedi, Director, IIT Roorkee.

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“Centralized exam formats such as NEET presented students with greater challenges in this pandemic situation. Students from social and economic backgrounds, rural and remote areas will find it very difficult to overcome these challenges and may have to abandon the exam. This will increase the financial burden on such households. Many areas are confronted with closures, unavailability of public transport and hotels as well as flood situations. The experience of crowding into exam centers in different states contributes to concerns about the spread of the infection. The solution should be integrative and decentralized in nature. The NEET, JEE should be postponed until proper preparation is complete. States should be given the responsibility to conduct exams with more centers at the sub-district level. The health and safety concerns of students cannot be addressed at any cost, ”said Dr. Rajesh Jha, member of the Executive Board of Delhi University.

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“There was always the fear that holding JEE (Mains), NEET, CLAT and other entrance tests by NTA in supervised mode in selected centers had the potential to degenerate into a confrontation between states. The future and fate of nearly 30 lakh students are involved and the political slugfest is unfortunate. The Supreme Court of India has clearly approved these tests to be carried out after all security measures against Covid have been ensured. The future of millions of young students cannot be held in suspense indefinitely. Nation must fight against Covid and still carry on. When the Covid situation should normalize cannot be predicted with certainty, “said the former UGC member Dr. Indian Mohan Kapahy.

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“The NTA authorities have categorically assured that all Covid standards must be complied with in the designated centers. The difficulty, however, is that students can get to their centers safely. Also, having to stay overnight for students and their guardians adds to the difficulties. Rather than fighting the center, states and the NTA should coordinate their efforts to increase the number of centers to facilitate accessibility and to arrange transportation from specific cities and overnight stays for those who cannot do without. Large sections of the candidates and their parents are under great pressure to take these tests. They fear zero years, ”added Kapahy.


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