NEET and JEE essential, shouldn't be made a topic: Narottam Mishra
BHOPAL: Madhya Pradesh Interior Minister Narottam Mishra said Thursday that NEET and JEE are essential tests so this should not be an issue.

“NEET and JEE exams are not third or fourth grade exams. Individuals who pass these exams help build the nation. These exams are essential. So this shouldn’t be a problem,” Mishra said at a press conference.

Mishra took a jibe at Congress Thursday, saying that Congress, unable to save its own democracy, was talking about saving the country’s democracy.

“Congress party and leaders can only tweet. The party that failed to save their own democracy is talking about saving the country’s democracy. Either it will be a congressional-free India or Gandhi-free congress. BJP supplied electricity, us have given plans like sambal that has helped people, “he said.

“I went to Gwalior for political tourism. Kamal Nath’s storm blew up his own government. Congress can hold a big meeting, but not a big demonstration,” he added.

On August 24, in the midst of the ongoing “letter policy” in Congress, Mishra declared that “Congress is like the school in which only the headmaster’s child leads the class.”

Speaking of the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting, he said the opposition party had several suitable candidates for party leader such as Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, Raihan Vadra and Miraya Vadra.


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