NEET 2020 exam tomorrow; NTA policies on dress code, game time, and locked items
NEW DELHI: In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Testing Agency has implemented a comprehensive plan to make the NEET UG exam hassle-free. Over 15 Lakh candidates have signed up for the NEET exam, which will be held on Sunday September 13th.

In light of the pandemic threat, NTA has reduced the number of candidates per room from a previous 24 to 12. The NTA has published a recommendation on Covid 19 to ensure social distancing outside of the exam room. The entry and exit of candidates was staggered. Adequate arrangements have also been made outside of the examination centers so that candidates can stand with reasonable social distance while waiting.

Read on to read the instructions on changes to the admission ticket, dress code, information allowed and blocked in the exam center, etc.

Changes in the ticket

The following changes have been made to the admission ticket:

  • Specific instructions on how to maintain social distancing and other instructions related to COVID-19
  • Staggered time slot for candidates reporting to the exam centers – to be printed as “time slot (time)” e.g. B. 11.00 a.m. -11.30 a.m.
  • List of items allowed in examination rooms
  • A hyperlink to the location of the center so that the candidate can check the location of the center in advance by clicking on the link (when the candidate clicks on the details of the center).
  • When a PwD candidate engages a scribe, both the candidate and the scribe must wear the masks
  • Entry of candidates according to the time slot indicated on the admission ticket

In order to avoid that the candidates come together at the entrance of the examination center, they are given staggered time slots for reporting. The staggering of the time windows is carried out in order to ensure an even distribution of the candidates to the rooms during entry into the examination centers

Prior notification of this process of staggered entry will be communicated to the candidates by admission ticket and SMS.

Dress code

Candidates are instructed to adhere to the following dress code when appearing for NEET (UG) 2020:

  • Light clothing with long sleeves is not allowed. However, if candidates come to the exam center in cultural / customary clothing, they should report at least an hour before the final reporting time, i.e. at 12.30 p.m., to allow time for proper browsing without the candidate being inconvenienced during the Holiness the examination is preserved.
  • Slippers, sandals with low heels are allowed. Shoes are not allowed.

Objects that are permitted for candidates in the examination room / hall

Candidates may only take these items into the examination room / hall:

  • Mask on face
  • Gloves at hand 10.2.2
  • Personal transparent water bottle
  • Personal Small Hand Sanitizer (50ml)
  • Exam related documents as directed
  • NEET UG admission ticket
  • Government valid identity card, etc.

Candidates should note that no other items are allowed in the examination room / hall. The admission ticket clearly states which candidates are allowed and which are not.

Candidate frisking

  • Body Pat Frisking is not performed
  • Searching with a long handle metal detector is mandatory for all candidates
  • Searching personnel ensures that no candidate comes into physical contact while searching the metal detector
  • The presence of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals is checked in the examination rooms and examination centers
  • While the test is being performed, all installed jammers / CCTVs (if applicable) are functional according to NTA guidelines

Locked items

Under no circumstances are candidates allowed to bring the following items into the examination center.

  • All stationery such as text material (printed or written), pieces of paper, geometry / pencil box, plastic bag, calculator, pen, scales, writing pad, drives, eraser, calculator, log table, electronic pen / scanner, etc.
  • Any communication device such as cellphone, bluetooth, headphones, microphone, pager, health band, etc.
  • Other items such as wallet, goggles, handbags, belts, hats, etc.
  • Any clock / wristwatch, bracelet, camera, etc.
  • All ornaments / metal objects.
  • All opened or packaged food, water bottles, etc.
  • Any other items that could be used for unfair purposes by hiding communication devices such as microchip, camera, bluetooth device, etc.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is from the NTA official website.


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