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The exam for the first session of NEET 2020 was carried out on September 13th. The paper was relatively simple this year and almost all of the questions in each subject were based on NCERT content.


  • Difficulty level – Easy compared to previous years.
  • About 30-40% of the questions are based directly on the NCERT textbook.
  • Simple calculations.
  • Questions only from the prescribed curriculum.
  • No controversial questions.


  • Difficulty level – easy to medium
  • Physical chemistry – 15 questions

Organic Chemistry – 18 questions
Inorganic Chemistry – 12 questions

  • All questions are based on the NCERT textbook. Statements straight from the NCERT textbooks.
  • Simple questions and easy to understand.
  • A controversial question with more than one correct answer.
  • Not tedious. Students should have completed the chemistry part within 45 minutes. Enough time for a revision.
  • Hardly a few calculations.
  • The average student should be able to answer about 40 questions with ease. While others could have tried 44 questions.


  • The level of difficulty was high compared to previous years
  • XI – 25 questions & XII – 19 questions
  • 1-2 controversial questions with more than one correct answer
  • Two questions went beyond the NCERT textbooks.
  • The majority of the questions were conceptual, with some fact-based questions
  • Not tedious at all.


  • Difficulty level – Moderate with a few exceptions.
  • Multi-conceptual questions that require concise thinking and precision.
  • Some questions were tricky and lost in terminology.
  • A couple of terms outside of the NCERT domain.
  • Two questions required language skills.
  • Overall, the questions were quite thoughtful and required vigilance and critical approach.
  • Understanding, application and synthesis required to interpret the questions.

Anurag Tiwari, National Academic Director (Medicine), Aakash Educational Services Limited

The second phase of Delhi University’s Open Book exam begins today. The exam is conducted for students who did not appear in the first exam or who missed the exam due to technical issues. | The second phase of the open book exam begins today. The exam will not be conducted for students who did not appear in the first exam or who missed the technical problem.

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