Nearly 2.3 Lakh students appear for CBSE department exams in the new normal
When the CBSE announces the data sheet for the Class X and XII departmental exams, the “New Normal” exams will begin on September 22nd. For class X students, the exams will be held from September 22nd to 28th, and for class XII students, the exams will be held from September 22nd to 30th. Although the category of students who will take the departmental exams is different and includes grade X and XII candidates who appeared as regular candidates for the exams in February / March 2020 and whose result has been declared as a “department”, there are also others who had applied for an improvement in performance in the subject that was not examined due to Covid-19.

One relief, however, may be that the number of candidates who appear for the departmental exams is relatively small. “This year, nearly 2.3 Lakh students will be attending the departmental exams, an increase of around 10,000 candidates since 2019,” said Sanyam Bharadwaj, examiner, while speaking to him
Educational times.

He assures that the pandemic will not affect student participation as around 80-85% of students are expected to take the exam. Although 15 to 20% of candidates could drop out, Covid-19 may not be the only reason.

“As part of the safety protocols, CBSE will conduct audits in approximately 1,250 centers, compared to 500 centers last year. In most centers, the number of candidates will be single digits (up to nine) or at most double digits (no more than 99). While in class X students can appear for a maximum of two subjects, students in class XII may only appear in one subject. This will ensure fewer candidates in the exam centers and better enforcement of social distancing norms.

CBSE has also planned for students with a major in standard math to enroll for Basic Math. Both exams are scheduled for September 25th. “This will take the strain off those candidates who are concerned about getting fewer points in math,” adds Bharadwaj.

“Given the ongoing pandemic, the board will be writing letters to students and parents about the safety precautions that need to be taken. We will also be hosting a webinar with detailed guidelines for exam center supervisors to conduct the exams. Most of these centers / schools hosted the NEET 2020 exam, so officers have a clear idea of ​​the safety protocols, ”says Bharadwaj.

He believes there is no point in postponing the subject exams as provisions are being made to “save the students’ academic year”.

“JEE Main has given students and parents the confidence that such exams can be successfully conducted across India while safeguarding the interests of the students. The board of directors will also ensure that the audit is carried out responsibly with all existing security measures, ”Bharadwaj assures.

Tapati Chatterjee, director of the Modern Public School, is all for the move. “CBSE’s decision was timely as it will reduce the frustration of students who thought they would pass but are now burdened with the“ compartment ”tag. The data sheet made her more relaxed. Many of the candidates take online courses as part of the preparation process and work very hard. CBSE should run the exams according to the schedule to regain confidence in their skills and performance. The board should also announce the results as soon as possible to help shape the future of the students more clearly, ”added Chatterjee.


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