National Education Policy: Collective responsibility for the NEP to be implemented in word and spirit: PM Narendra Modi
NEW DELHI: The new National Education Policy (NEP) policy focuses on learning rather than learning and goes beyond the curriculum to focus on critical thinking, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday, stating that it is a collective Everyone involved is responsible for implementing the policy in letter and spirit. The NEP removed pressure on students to take certain streams for the first time since 1986, he said.

“Our youth will now be able to learn according to their interests,” he said during the opening session of the Conference of Governors on the role of NEP in transforming higher education.

It used to be that students chose a stream beyond their abilities and they recognized it much later, and those issues were addressed in the NEP, the Prime Minister said.

With occupational exposure from an early age, our youth will be better prepared for life, he said, adding that their participation in the global job market and employability in India will increase with hands-on learning.

The Prime Minister said that education policies such as defense and foreign policy do not come from the government but from the country.

India has been an ancient learning center and the government is working to make it a center of the knowledge economy in the 21st century, he said.

“It is our collective responsibility that the policy is implemented in letter and spirit. The more teachers, parents and students associated with education policy, the more relevant and broad it will be,” added the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister said the new policy paved the way for international institutions to set up their bases in India.

The NEP approved by the Union’s Cabinet in July replaces the 34-year national education policy established in 1986 and is intended to pave the way for transformation reforms in the school and university systems in order to make India a global knowledge superpower.


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