Mumbai colleges in talks with service providers for online exams
MUMBAI: A day after Mumbai University confirmed the format of the final exams, universities rushed to set up an online system. While some autonomous colleges are talking to third-party providers, many are considering using Google Forms to take the test. However, the university is silent about providing technology centrally. Meanwhile, academics have questioned the feasibility of using objective online tests to evaluate students on a certification exam.

“This is the first time that we have decided to decentralize university exams last year and use the cluster system,” said Neel Helekar, member of the Board of Directors. “The colleges in the cluster can coordinate and share their infrastructure, technology and even the question banks. They can appoint a service provider for the online exam or use Google forms,” ​​said Helekar. A central question bank would be created for each topic, with all questions having a similar level of difficulty.

Google Forms have been used extensively by colleges for admission this year. “Most of us school principals try to use these forms to take the exam,” said one school principal. “The G-Suite that most colleges have used to run class tests allows questions to be randomized as well as options to be randomized within each question. No two students have the same question paper,” said one college principal. An additional Proctor plug-in can be used for online monitoring, said one client. Some autonomous colleges plan to use online monitoring software to monitor exams.

“If not supervised, students can go to their coaching center and get responses from faculty and take the exam. Essentially, the state follows SC norms, but the entire exercise is a farce,” said one school principal. “The degree earned must be of value, which is a derivative of the practices where the integrity of the exams being conducted is a critical factor,” said one principal.

IIT-Bombay educator BN Jagatap said: “Universities work under constraints and it needs to be seen how potential employers value the assessment process. Many students may get an additional degree later, but we also need to look at students with weaker economic backgrounds So it is important that universities take the exams as seriously as possible. ”

Several college directors said the oversight would improve the integrity of the exams and waited for the college’s guidelines. Since ATKT exams have to be conducted for final year students, universities have to draw up questionnaires every three years.

The student community is against the MCQ (multiple choice questions) format because descriptive answers would have allowed room for partial assessment. However, in this format, the marks for an incorrect answer are completely lost. “We have never been tested in this format,” said one student.

When Vice Chancellor Suhas Pednekar met the school principals on Saturday, he said he felt he was being tested more than students and hoped the university would “sail through”. So it’s no wonder that the MU doesn’t want a time-consuming exam format.


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