Mizoram governs the reintroduction of the middle school board exam
AIZAWL: The Mizoram government is considering reintroducing the Middle School Leaving Certificate (MSLC) exam after a pause of about 10 years, an official said. The Secretary of the School Education Department, Esther Lalruatkimi, said the MSLC will be reintroduced into Class 8 from the new 2020-21 academic meeting to promote the quality of education.

She said the existing continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) required by the Law on Education (RTE) does not benefit Mizo students.

The school education secretary said many teachers and parents also complained that students had neglected to study after the introduction of CCE.

“By reintroducing MSLC exams, we are trying to restructure the existing CCE system in accordance with local ethos and adapt it to Mizo students. This does not mean that we will completely reject the CCE system,” she said.

Lalruatkimi said that unlike students in other parts of the country, Mizo students study less seriously unless there are semester or year-end exams.

“Our main goal in reintroducing MSLC exams is to promote quality education. We hope the system will motivate students to pay attention to their studies,” she said.

Previously, the MSLC exams were held by the Mizoram Board of School Education (MBSE), and the last such exam was held in 2009.

According to the secretary, under the new system, the MSLC exam at the district level will be held under the supervision of the State Council for Educational Research and Education (SCERT), where students will be asked to answer common questions.

The response papers are reviewed and evaluated, and the results are declared by each district, she said.

Lalruatkimi cited the latest 2018-19 poll, stating that there are a total of 1,553 middle schools across the state.

There are 90,567 students and 9,096 teachers in middle schools and the teacher-student ratio is 1:10, she said.

According to Lalruatkimi, the state government is making massive efforts to improve the quality of education in the country.

She said that in the last board exams, grades 10 and 12, questions were asked to test the level of understanding of the students to eliminate the age-old habit of “memorizing”.

Among other things, the school education department resumed the mass school inspection that was stopped a few years ago, conducted an enrollment campaign, restructured the textbook according to the MIZO culture approved by NCERT, distributed free textbooks, and recruited about 800 model role teachers to improve education in the state, she added.


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