Maharashtra SSC Result 2020

Maharashtra SSC result 2020: The Maharashtra State Board for Secondary and Higher Education (MSBSHSE) will announce the results of the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exams tomorrow (Wednesday) at 1:00 p.m. Students can check their results on

This year, more than 17 lakh students had attended the exams, almost 3.91 lakh students from the Mumbai department alone. Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, the board had to cancel the last geography paper to be held on March 23. The Board would only consider grades from written exams when calculating the averages for the canceled paper. Of the total of 600 points for which the students write their work, 480 points are for written exams and 120 for internal assessments. With the cancellation of the 40-mark paper of geography, the written total would now be 440.

The education department also reintroduced oral exams for languages ​​and social sciences that year, after the percentage of students passed in 2019 had dropped due to oral scrapping. The Mumbai Divisional Board had also introduced a new rule that private candidates were not allowed to change their exam centers at the last minute.

Students wishing to request a re-assessment can apply online from July 30, 2020 on the Board’s portal.

Mumbai division – in 2020

Total students 3,91,191

Centers 1,024

Special students: 2,795

Mumbai Division — in 2019

Total number of students: 3, 76,476

Centers: 999

Special students: 2,691


Maharashtra SSC result 2020: date and time

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