Maharashtra Police Constable Recruitment 2020

The Maharashtra cabinet on Wednesday gave its approval to fill 12,528 police officer posts in the state. The Chief Ministers’ Office (CMO) said so in a statement. In light of the recent Supreme Court injunction to maintain the implementation of the 2018 law, which left the Maratha community with reservations about education and employment, the State Cabinet instructed the Home Office to take action in consultation with the Legal and Justice Department said to undertake the hiring process.

A total of 5,297 police officer positions were created in 2019, while 6,726 positions were created in 2020.

Similarly, 505 of the 975 posts are to be filled for the newly created police commissioners Mira Bhayandar and Vasai-Virar in the first phase, the statement said.

“All 12,528 positions will be filled,” it said.

Cabinet also approved the expansion of the Balasaheb Thackeray Road Accident Insurance Scheme in the state.

Funding would be made available to the State Health Guarantee Society for this purpose. Insurance companies are selected according to the right process. The beneficiaries would be victims of road accidents regardless of the region, the statement said.

An accident victim receives medical help and financial support during the “golden hour”.

The golden hour refers to the first hour after a traumatic injury when emergency treatment is very important.

Every year, 13,000 people are killed in traffic accidents on state roads and in rural areas, while 40,000 people are injured.

“If these people had got medical help quickly, their lives could have been saved,” he added.

As part of this insurance, the victim is treated in a nearest hospital for the first 72 hours.

Medical expenses of Rs 30,000 are free for 74 types of medical treatment.

Accidents in industrial plants, in daily work or in dormitories are not entitled to benefits under this system, the statement says.


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