Maharashtra launches four new YouTube channels for students

The Maharashtra government launched four new YouTube channels on Friday to help educate students in Marathi and Urdu grades 1 through 10.

“The State Council for Educational Research and Education has set up 4 YouTube channels for intermediate Marathi and Urdu students from 1st to 10th standards. Soon also for Hindi and English (translated from Marathi) ”, Minister of Education Varsha Gaikwad tweeted on Friday.

The state government has so far set up 12 educational channels for students, the minister added.

“A total of 12 channels were launched on Geo TV for the 3rd to 12th. Maharashtra is the only state that has set up educational channels in four media, ”tweeted Gaikwad.

Updated guidelines

The channels were launched shortly after the state government published the updated guidelines for online education.

The updated guidelines for online classes released on Wednesday instructed schools to conduct online courses for preschoolers and for classes 1, 2. These students had previously been excluded from online teaching under the June 15 directive.

Under the new rules, schools were advised to hold 30-minute sessions for preschoolers and grades 1 and 2 every day, Monday through Friday. The teachers will interact with the students and lead the students’ parents during these sessions.

“This decision is made taking into account the interest and health of the students,” said Gaikwad.


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