Maharashtra FYJC First Earnings List: Arts Stream Hits All-Time High, pushing science off the top
PUNE: In a historic turnaround observed in junior college admission (FYJC, Std XI), the Arts stream had a higher cut-off than the Science stream in almost all of the city’s top educational institutions .

Fergusson College, the city’s most popular college destination, had the highest limit of 97.4% for arts (English) while the limit for science was 97%.

The early trend could indicate an interest in the Arts stream, even among club top performers in the ’90s. Educators have attributed the change to the preference of students preparing for exams, careers in psychology, counseling, and related fields.

The cut-off at all colleges has increased by almost 4 to 5% as the percentages for the examination for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC, Std X) are higher this year.

Prakash Pawar, Associate Director and HoD (Arts) at Fergusson College, said, “There’s a big difference in the number of high schools in town and the number of junior colleges that offer arts in English. This automatically leads to more competition. Then students become more interested in subjects like psychology and economics. In addition, a number of students who wish to appear for public service exams from across the state come to Pune and record arts. All of this has increased competition. ”

The college’s principal Ravindrasinh Pardeshi said he had not seen the border of the arts cross that of science in the past decade. He attributed the trend to students’ changing attitudes towards building careers. “Now more students are choosing competitive exams. In fact, we have found students transitioning from the science stream to the arts field in the first year of graduation to pursue careers in public administration, political science and language-specific courses, among other things, ”he said.

While the limit for science has risen by 5 to 10 points at most universities, the limit for the arts at institutes such as Modern College, SP College and Garware College has increased by at least 10 points to as much as 20 to 25 points. The director of the Modern College of Art, Science and Commerce, R Zunjarrao, said, “These days. Many deserving students take up the arts in preparation for state and national public service exams. Many would like to pursue a career in psychology to become counselors or sports psychologists. That said, the arts (English) capacity at Pune colleges is lower, although they are more popular. ”

Even the places for Marathi middle courses have seen a significant increase in the cut-off. For example, the cut-off at Modern College has increased to 75.8%, down from 53.80% last year, which is a whopping 22% increase.

SP College Director Dilip Sheth said, “I think the overall limit increase was expected because of the high pass percentage. The arts cut-off is definitely a surprise, however. It just reflects how students think today. They lean heavily on topics such as social sciences, public administration, and government services. Hence, students prefer art as they can prepare for these careers at the same time. ”

Regarding the Commerce stream, there was a gradual increase in the cut-offs, and the Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce ended up with the highest cut-off for that stream at 96.4%, an improvement of nearly 2% over the previous year corresponds.


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