Madhya Pradesh high court.(File Photo)

The main bank of the Supreme Court of Madhya Pradesh in Jabalpur instructed private schools on Tuesday to collect tuition fees from students who existed before the Covid period, thereby relieving the burden on students and their guardians who are being transferred, according to the state’s Attorney General’s office upset the subject.

There have been numerous complaints from legal guardians to multiple district administrations and the state government that private schools are charging all kinds of fees from students even though schools are closed. There have also been complaints that several private schools were realizing increased fees on behalf of online courses held during the Covid era, according to government officials.

This despite the fact that the school education department of the state government made it clear in its circulars of April 24, 2020 and May 16, 2020 that educational institutions can only collect tuition fees from officials during the period according to the tuition fees.

The interim injunction from the Supreme Court’s double bank, consisting of Chief Justice AK Mittal and Judge VK Shukla, resulted in at least nine petitions in this regard on Tuesday. One of the petitions was submitted by PG Nazpande and Rajat Bhargava from Nagrik Upbhokta Margdarshak Manch.

Deputy Advocate General at the Supreme Court of Parliament, Jabalpur Swapnil Ganguly, said: “According to the injunction the court issued on Tuesday, private schools can realize tuition fees during the Corona period that existed before that time.”

The petition by PG Nazpande and Rajat Bhargava alleged that the private schools were realizing exorbitant fees from students in the name of intelligent and online classes and that this was done despite the state government’s order that schools can only collect tuition fees from students during school hours Covid period.


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