Live updates on the National Education Policy 2020: PM Modi speaks as part of NEP education on completing school education in the 21st century

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address a conclave on Friday entitled “Conclave on Schooling in the 21st Century in the National Education Policy 2020”. The conclave was organized by the Ministry of Education as part of the “Shiksha Parv”, which will be celebrated from September 8th to 25th, to congratulate teachers and promote the new education policy.

Prior to this, PM Modi had given the inaugural address at the “Conclave on Transformation Reforms in Higher Education within the Framework of NEP-2020” on August 7th. At the conclusion, the Prime Minister said that national education policies would play an important role in reducing the gap between research and education in India.

11:17 AM

NEP 2020 on the development of scientific and mathematical temperament among students: PM Modi

The NEP 2020 defines the importance of developing children’s scientific and mathematical thinking, Modi says

11:15 am

NEP 2020 aims to give direction to India in the 21st century: PM Modi

National Education Policy 2020 is the foundation for India’s future. Education policy will give direction to 21st century India, says PM Modi.

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NEP 2020 was created after 4-5 years of effort: PM Modi

National Education Policy 2020 took 4 to 5 years to formulate, says PM Narendra Modi


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