Last year's final exams are scheduled to take place in Haryana by the end of September - Education

The exams of the students of all universities and colleges of the last year in Haryana will be carried out until the end of September. After that, all results will be announced before October 31, 2020.

According to an official press release, that decision was made at a meeting organized by the Haryana State Higher Education Council via videoconference.

The vice chancellors and examiners from all state-supported universities attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the Chair of the Haryana State Higher Education Council, Professor Brij Kishore Kuthiala. Besides these, the General Secretary of the Department of Higher Education in Haryana, Ankur Gupta, and the General Director Ajit Balaji Joshi were also present.

A spokesman for the Haryana State Higher Education Council provided information on the decision made at the meeting, saying that about 2 Lakh students studying in their final grades at various colleges and universities in the state will make reasonable arrangements for all of these students, who do so will appear for the trials.

He announced that the state government had also given its approval on the recommendation of the Commission of the Ministry of Education and University Grants of the Union. The Supreme Court has also mandated that audits be conducted.

He said that the vice-chancellors of all universities have given assurances that the regulations will be carefully followed as directed by the central and state governments regarding the “Standard Operating Procedure” for COVID-19. Provisions have also been made for departmental and retake exams for final year students at all universities.

He said that the students who will appear for these exams have been given permission to take the exam through either an online or offline medium.

He also said that accommodation in the hostels will be arranged for students coming from far away places. Social distancing standards are observed in the exam centers.

The spokesman went on to explain that the exam question papers consist of multiple choices, short answers and explanatory answers. He said that some of the universities that have already started the exams have also announced the results.

He said the work of running online courses for last year’s students is advancing rapidly. He said that in addition to the exams, there will also be new admissions in September and from October 2020, depending on the circumstances in which normal classes will begin. It was also announced that those students who cannot take the exam for valid reasons will be given another chance.


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