Kerala's First Bell classes have 15 Cr views and advertising revenue in Lakhs
THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The First Bell classes that were streamed online or broadcast on television in Kerala have now passed the 1,000 mark and generated 15 million monthly views, in addition to collecting 15 Lakh Rs per month from YouTube advertising revenue from 141 countries said an official on Sunday.

The initiative of the education department of Kerala was taken via the education channel VICTERS by KITE or Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education.

K Anvar Sadath, CEO of KITE, said the web streaming platform has seen tremendous response in addition to class viewership through channel mode, resulting from the fact that up to 442 terabytes of data were reported from 141 countries .

“The monthly visits to the YouTube channel amount to 150 million (15 crore). The average daily viewership of the classes on YouTube is 54 lakh, which corresponds to a whopping 5 lakh hours per day. In spite of limited advertising, the turnover will be The courses also broadcast via Facebook Live on the channel’s Facebook page, “said Sadath.

This initiative was launched on June 1 as a tentative agreement (rather than an alternative class) as state schools had to be closed due to the Covid 19 pandemic. This unique initiative ensured that not even a student missed a class.

“As part of the First Bell program, 604 classes were broadcast on the KITE VICTERS channel, apart from 274 classes in Kannada and 163 classes in Tamil, which were broadcast over local state cable networks,” added Sadath.

Although public movement has been restricted in a number of locations across the state due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which is affecting the preparation of classes. To address this problem, KITE has made arrangements for the production of classes for broadcasting in different districts.

He added that augmented reality and virtual reality are used as much as possible, which would be expanded in due course.

Schools would use free software applications to develop the classes to be broadcast on the KITE VICTERS channel.

“Starting in August, new general classes will be available that go beyond subjects and sports,” added Sadath.


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