JUTA calls on Mamata to be autonomous to conduct final exams
KOLKATA: A teachers’ association at Jadavpur University has asked the chief minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, to ensure that the institution is given the necessary autonomy to conduct the final exams. The Jadavpur University Teachers’ Association (JUTA) recently said in a letter to Banerjee that the October 31 stipulated by the state government for the announcement of the results is not feasible as it falls immediately after the Durga Puja celebrations.

JUTA General Secretary Partha Pratim Roy said that the university should be given the autonomy to decide on the dates of the assessment and the explanation of the results.

JUTA, the largest teachers’ organization in JU, wants a quick completion of the entire assessment process, but it should be decided by the university itself, he said.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) opinion on mandatory completion of final exams by September 30th has put students under pressure, according to the teaching body.

The latest follow-up from the State Department of Higher Education asking universities to take their final exams between October 1 and October 18 and announce the results by October 31 is another inconvenience for students.

“If the universities set the rating in October, as recommended by the state government, they will need to seek approval from the UGC under the Supreme Court order dated August 28.

“Given the current scenario in which the UGC appears to be making arbitrary and unscientific decisions, this may add further uncertainty to obtaining permission to take exams in October, which will increase the pressure on students.” Said Roy in the letter.

The JUTA noted that Durga Puja will be celebrated across the state from October 22nd, saying, “If the evaluation process starts in early October and will be completed by October 18, as recommended by the Department of Higher Education, there will be many students miss that. ” Opportunity to join other higher education institutions or take up work. ”

JUTA reminded the Prime Minister that the JU had initially drawn up an evaluation protocol based on the opinion of the Department of Higher Education issued in April, which enabled universities to prepare their own evaluation process.

“After most of the assessments at JU had been completed, the department had issued a new assessment on June 27th suggesting an 80-20 formula that would give 20 percent of the score for a paper based on the student’s performance Final semesters are awarded during the course and 80 percent would be awarded based on his / her results in previous semester exams, “it said.

As a result, JU was forced to change the entire assessment process and “prepare the results of the final semester / last year on the basis of the assessment of June 27, and the results based on this assessment have now become redundant,” according to the teacher Körper said.

JUTA said the higher education ministry’s earlier recommendation to state universities to hold exams in October “has been rushed without considering the specific problems and issues faced by different universities”.


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