JNU Students' Union protests for various demands on campus
NEW DELHI: Jawaharlal Nehru University student association held a protest on Monday calling for registration to be postponed, better exhibition facilities and the gradual return of students who have left campus amid the coronavirus pandemic. Some students wore masks and gathered in front of the office of the dean of studies after the joint secretary and security congress of the JNUSU had a discussion with the DoS.

“Major issues included the inconsistencies in the meter bill, better metering facility, inability of students to pay metering fees due to outstanding scholarships, gradual return of students with priority to those who are filed and stranded, and the need to to further develop insulation systems in JNU to protect against COVID-19, “said the JNUSU.

Measurement fees cannot be paid until the students’ grants have been properly paid, the JNUSU said, adding that the dean will speak to higher authorities about extending the registration dates.

In response to the request for breakfast in hostels, the DoS assured that it would start from the beginning of September, JNUSU said.

The issue of gradual student return was also raised during the discussion, especially for researchers who are due to submit their work in December and who are not granted an extension.

“The dean has announced that the request is in progress and that the first group of students will be called back to campus in the coming month.

“In addition, the administration will write to the Delhi government to provide testing and screening facilities for returning students,” the JNUSU said.

JNUSU also called for the use of open spaces for quarantining students as needed.

The JNUSU also launched the students’ request for reimbursement of Rs 1800-3600 collected when registering for the 2020 winter semester.


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