JEE, NEET 2020: Chhattisgarh government organizes transportation for candidates - education

Prime Minister Bhupesh Baghel has given instructions to all district collectors to make arrangements for the transport of candidates for entrance exams such as IIT-JEE and NEET exams to their exam centers and to return them.

Arrangements for buses, minibuses, jeeps, etc. should be made based on the number of candidates who appear for the exam, the CM said.

All district collectors are also instructed to appoint district node chairpersons for this purpose and to coordinate with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and District Transport Office (DTO).

The Prime Minister stated in the instructions to the collectors that the bus service is not in operation due to the blockage. Therefore, immediate arrangements should be made for buses through bus companies. The IIT JEE exam will be held from September 1st, so candidates must start traveling by August 31st.

Approximately 13,000,500 candidates will appear on this state exam. Five centers have been established in the state for this test.

Baghel said in the instructions that many candidates will take the exam on their own terms, but arrangements will be made by the administration for the remaining candidates.

One of their parents is also allowed to travel with the female students taking the exam. The trip is free and no amount is charged.

The physical distance must be maintained in the transport vehicles. It is sufficient for the candidates to present their entrance ticket for the entrance examination for the journey in the vehicle. After presenting the admission ticket, candidates should be allowed to drive in the vehicle.

The Prime Minister has instructed district collectors to immediately distribute the cell phone numbers of the node officers to be appointed for transportation in the media so that candidates can register for travel to and return to the exam centers. The instructions given also said that vehicles such as jeeps and minivans can also be arranged if the number of candidates is fewer.


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