JEE (Mains) 2020: Participation almost normal for paper 1, small slump for paper 2
NEW DELHI: In order to stop speculation about a low level of participation in the joint entrance examination (Mains), the National Testing Agency stated that participation in Paper 2 for admission to BArch / B planning 54.7% and for Paper 1 for BTech / BE approvals was 81.6%. The computerized tests began on September 1st.

In Article 2, the aspirants for BArch / B planning courses are to be tested, which were carried out in two shifts on the first day. Paper 1 for testing aspirants for BTech / BE courses will be conducted for the following days through September 6th, with two shifts each day.

A total of 1.12.247 candidates registered for Paper 2, of which 61.366 finally passed the test, which is well below the usual 75% to 80%.

However, the percentage of attendance on Paper 1 for the BTech / BE approvals was close to previous testing. Of the 3,46,372 candidates enrolled for Wednesday and Thursday tests, 2,82,592 aspirants completed the tests in four shifts. While the overall attendance for this paper was 81.6%, the tests typically register an attendance of between 85% and 90%, according to NTA officials. A total of 8.6 Lakh candidates have registered for Paper 1.

A senior NTA official said, “While the majority of states had more than 65% participation for Paper 2, there were some states where participation was low. This includes states in which the state entrance exams have ended and the deliberation and allocation of seats are in progress. ”

The drop in attendance was attributed to several reasons by NTA officials, including delays in tests (the exams were postponed twice) and the completion of many state entrance exams for engineering courses, some of which have even begun seat distribution.

“There are several reasons for the slight drop in visitor numbers. The delay in the JEE (major) is a reason as many states have completed their entrance exams and some are scheduled for September. In fact, the consultation and allocation of seats have also started. Many students have also joined private engineering schools. Instead of around 85% to 90% attendance in Publication 1, it has been a little over 81% so far, ”said Vineet Joshi, NTA General Manager.

West Bengal announced the results of its accession on August 7th and deliberations are ongoing. Maharashtra also conducted its exams between July 4th and 14th, July 28th to 31st, and August 3rd to 5th. Kerala conducted its technical entrance exam on July 16, while Gujarat took place on August 24 (consultation ongoing). Karnataka conducted its exams on July 30th and 31st, and announced the results on August 21st. Private engineering schools such as the Vellore Institute of Technology announced their ranking on August 5th and consulting began on August 10th.


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