JEE Main: On Day 3, students have a hard time playing chemistry
LUDHIANA: Around 67% of the candidates took the JEE exam in the morning shift on Thursday as they opposed the odds due to the restrictions on the Covid-19 pandemic. Strict safety protocols were also followed on the third day of the test, which is conducted over a six-day period. Attendance numbers available for the first shift are 67%, and the second shift, which is 68%, indicates the number of candidates taking the test from day two, when an estimated 70% have taken the exam , has decreased.

337 of 497 students showed up on the 3rd day. In the first shift, which started at 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., 249 students were registered and 167 showed up, and in the second shift, which started at 2 p.m. and continued until 5 p.m., 170 out of 248 students showed up in the digital zone of TCS ION, Sherpur Chowk. The students claim that the chemistry part of the exam was very difficult.

“The total turnout in the first shift was 67%. It is estimated that 68% of the candidates were also present in the second shift,” said an official on condition of anonymity. He added that the National Testing Agency (NTA) was collecting aggregate data. On the first day of the exam, an estimated 45% of students had taken the test for architecture and planning courses, while on Thursday, aspirants wishing to take BTech or BE courses at the country’s leading colleges took the test.

There are also security concerns and the lack of a significant number of candidates attributed to him. According to the official, the number of candidates has decreased slightly, as in previous years the number of visitors could have been around 87%.

In terms of feedback, most of the students said the chemistry part was the most difficult

Ritesh Singh of Samrala said, “The exam was good. The physics and chemistry section was the most difficult and the math section was very easy. I was able to complete my exam in over two and a half hours. Some questions in the physics section were the same as asked in the January, but overall my experience was good. ”

Another student, Mehul Kaushal from DAV School, BRS Nagar, said, “The exam went well and I found the physics easy, but the chemistry exam was difficult as the pattern changes this year and it doesn’t ask direct numerical questions All safety precautions were taken care of and a new mask was given to me. ”

Parth Madaan, who got 96% in Grade XII, said, “I found math and chemistry very difficult and the exam was moderate. Math was a bit tedious. I prepared more for physics and then than I checked yesterday’s exams and after these exams were easy. ”

The exam will be held across the country in two shifts, and measures such as staggered entry and exit for candidates, disinfectant at the gate and the distribution of masks were in place to keep the pandemic at bay. NTA officials followed the proceedings with cameras. The NTA has also set up isolation rooms in case there is even a slight doubt that a candidate has come into contact with an infected person. The exam takes place in two sessions from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Precautions at the center were properly followed, with students being instructed to renovate four times as there were many students. More than 5 police officers were deployed outside the exam center. The parents waited over three hours, especially when they came from far away places.

Although the morning exam started at 9 a.m., reporting times started at 7 a.m. Students have been given separate arrival time windows based on their JEE Main admission cards to avoid overcrowding at the exam centers. Students also left the centers in pre-determined time windows after the exam.

  • Students were only allowed to take pencil boxes for drawing, admission tickets and Aadhar cards with them to the examination center.
  • Transparent water bottles were allowed. Ballpoint pens were handed in in the examination hall.
  • Wrist watches were not allowed and the timer on the computer screen was available in the hall.
  • No physical searches were performed and metal detectors were used to screen the students.
  • After testing the temperature and disinfection, the students received fresh masks at the test center. They were not allowed to take the exams with their own face masks.
  • Students had to use a disinfection station where they pressed a pedal to disinfect themselves, or they had to take disinfectant from a security guard who was standing with a bottle.
  • Candidates whose body temperature was above the prescribed limit were taken to “isolation rooms”.
  • It was announced that students should maintain social distance and other safety measures to prevent Covid-19.
  • The seats in the exam room were staggered and there were 12 students per room in the main JEE computer-based exam. Students had to sit in the odd seats for this session and were asked not to touch the even seats.
  • In accordance with the safety rules of Covid-19, the workplaces in the JEE exam centers are cleaned before and after each shift of the exam.


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