JEE Main, NEET UG is scheduled to take place in September, Center says
NEW DELHI: The center announced on Friday that the joint entrance examination (main examination) and the national entrance examination with admission (Bachelor) will be held on September 1st and 6th and September 13th, 2020, respectively. By order of the Supreme Court on Monday, the National Testing Agency (NTA) released the registration cards for the JEE (major) and as of Friday 6,49,223 aspirants downloaded theirs.

The Supervisory Committee said in its order: “We note that the prayer for the postponement of the examination in question in relation to NEET UG-2020 as well as JEE (main) April 2020 contains absolutely no justification. However, in our opinion it is a pandemic situation, ultimately life has to go and the student careers cannot be put in long jeopardy and a full academic year cannot be wasted. ”

Amit Khare, Secretary, Higher Education, Ministry of Education, said: “The exams will not be postponed. The Supreme Court said that a year cannot be wasted. And the order is kept. Additionally, we have parents and candidates from whom Lakhs, on the other hand, are writing us to take the exam as planned, as any further delay will seriously demoralize the aspirants.

The SC denied the request to postpone the JEE (main) and NEET exams, stating that any further delay in taking the tests would result in a waste of “precious year” for the students. JEE (main) and NEET-UG were postponed earlier due to the pandemic. The petitioners advocated postponing investigations until normal is restored as the virus spreads and infects thousands every day. A bank headed by Justice Arun Mishra said that even the courts would work during the pandemic and investigations could also be carried out with proper security.

The NTA has also prepared Standard Operating Instructions (SOP) for the two tests due to the COVID-19 outbreak for conducting the exams, and extensive arrangements have been made to refurbish the centers before and after the examinations are carried out, fresh masks give and (on request) gloves according to the comprehensive guidelines.

NTA has also provided the option to switch their central cities five times. According to the NTA, 99.07% of the total of 8.58 lakh candidates received the first choice of their preference. So far, 120 candidates have requested a change of the capitals assigned to them.

Similarly, in NEET (UG), 99.87% of the total of 15,97,433 candidates received the first choice of their preferences for the city. The tickets are to be published shortly.


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