JEE Main & NEET exams as planned, NEET-UG allows cards that are issued on Wednesday
NEW DELHI: As on Monday at 7.30 a.m., Lakh aspirants have downloaded tickets for the JEE (main), which is scheduled for September 1-6. 320 of them have applied for a change of city. According to government information, the newly planned tests would be carried out in September and NTA will issue the approval cards for NEET-UG from Wednesday.

NTA stated on Tuesday: “Given the academic interest of the students, these exams should now take place as planned – JEE (main) from September 1-6, 2020 and NEET (UG) on September 13, 2020.” The agency’s statement said: “The Hon’ble Supreme Court has also ordered, among other things, that the prayer for postponing the examination in question regarding NEET UG-2020 as well as JEE contains absolutely no justification (main) April 2020. ”

Vineet Joshi: “By August 25th at 5 pm, around 85% of the JEE (main) candidates had downloaded the tickets and 320 of these had applied for a city change. NEET (UG) 2020 admission cards will also be released shortly, and the NTA has ensured that more than 99% of candidates on both exams receive the first choice of central cities. ”

For JEE (major), the agency added 90 new centers, reducing the average number of candidates per center from 1,871 in the JEE (major) January cycle to 1,445. A total of 660 centers will be available for the September exams.

Similarly, for the NEET-UG, the average number of candidates per center decreased from 597 in 2019 to 416. The number of centers increased from 2546 to 3842.

The state Maharashtra has the largest number (1,10,313) candidates, followed by Uttar Pradesh (1,00,706) and Andhra Pradesh with 82,748 for JEE (main).

“The number of exam centers has also increased. In addition, in the case of JEE (Major), the number of shifts has been increased from eight to twelve and the number of candidates per shift has been reduced from 1.32 lakh to 85,000, ”added Joshi.

V Ramgopal Rao, director of IIT-Delhi, also went on social media where he stated that any further delay in these entrance exams will have “serious repercussions” not only on the academic calendar of engineering and medical schools, but also on the career of “Many Wise Students”.

In a Facebook post, he called for people to “trust the institutions” and take the entrance tests while “strictly” following the COVID-19 security guidelines.

Rao assured parents of the candidates ‘safety, saying that both the NTA and the unions’ Department of Education are in contact with state governments to meet transportation requirements.

“It will be a zero academic year for many students (if there are no exams). Let’s not be put off by Covid. Let’s take responsibility and do our best by adjusting to this new normal. Covid can stay, careers cannot wait. We can’t be in lockdown mode all the time. Covid won’t be gone for another six months to a year, ”said Rao.

“I don’t see any reason to worry. As if Covid-19 wasn’t enough, this uncertainty about exam dates further increases student stress levels. I am glad the government re-confirmed the exam dates, ”he added.

Almost 2 lakh top JEE (main) scorers would be eligible for inclusion in the IITs for the JEE (advanced) set to take place on September 27th.

“As the JEE (Advanced) Organizing Institute, I assure everyone that IITs will do their best and will do their best to organize the JEE Advanced exam,” said Rao.

He also said that all preparations for the exams have already been made. “The health of the candidates is very important to all of us. We all have children and can bond with the candidates’ parents. We will monitor the situation closely and take the necessary steps if necessary. ”

Rao was critical of the TV debates about the calls for the JEE and NEET exams to be postponed and said: “The debates are also polarized on party lines. So I choose to stay away from them. I am saddened by these serious students preparing for these exams. I have received a large number of emails from them. ”


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