JEE Main and NEET: parents, students prepare for exams
BHUBANESWAR: Students and their parents in Odisha are preparing for JEE main and NEET exams amid the pandemic. Many students are concerned about the potential risk of infection while traveling and during exams. The flood situation has compounded the problems faced by students from flood-affected areas.

Although the state government has arranged free transportation and accommodation for the needy candidates who appear for JEE Main and NEET, some students who have chosen another city as their exam center may have difficulty between September 1st and 6th NEET to participate in JEE Main on September 13th.

Subhadra Shukla, an aspirant from Berhampur, Ganjam District, said she chose Bhubaneswar as her exam city because she was preparing for these two entrance exams in Bhubaneswar. “Due to the pandemic I had big problems in Bhubaneswar and I returned to Berhampur. I thought that the transportation would be available until September, but now I don’t know how to get to Bhubaneswar and where to stay during this time”, added her .

Shukla said she contacted an ITI institution about her problem, but they expressed their helplessness. It has to appear on September 5th in the JEE Main and on September 13th in the NEET. “There is no train or bus to Bhubaneswar. I don’t have a private vehicle. Accommodation in the capital is another problem. I’ve been preparing for tests for the past two years. I don’t know if I can pass the exam or not “, added her.

Some parents plan to take their children to screening centers in their own or rented vehicles to reduce physical contact with others while using public transport. They will also take home cooked food for their wards.

“My daughter appears for both JEE Main and NEET in Bhubaneswar. It is a scary moment for students and parents, but we must take all precautions. I will take my child to the exam center in my personal vehicle and will also take home cooked food to My daughter The morale of the students is poor and the pace of preparation is also not up to date due to uncertainty about the entrance exams. Let’s see what happens, “said Benudhar Biswal, a Pokhariput parent.

Amaresh Behera, an aspirant from Baliapal in the Balasore district, said his place was affected by flooding. “Some of my friends live in the flood-hit villages. I don’t know about the government housing, but my father will take me to the exam center in Balasore on his motorcycle. With the roadside restaurants now open, I’ll do it.” Get food from there, “he added.

Sanjay Kumar Singh, secretary of the Department of Skills Development and Technical Education, said the government has provided transportation and accommodation for the students. “They can stay at ITIs and engineering schools. If the facility’s canteen facility works, students can get food for a fee,” he added.


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