As many as 62 students appeared for the entrance examination in one of the examination centres in Shimla.

JEE main 2020: The main JEE exam was held at various centers in Himachal Pradesh on Tuesday. However, the students continued to disagree over the decision to take the exams.

Many students felt the investigation should have been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic outbreak and travel restrictions, while many said it was a right decision to take the exam.

In one of the examination centers in Shimla, 62 students turned up for the entrance examination. All precautions were taken in the exam centers. Thermal scanning was performed on each student, students were given masks, hand sanitizer, and social distance was maintained throughout the exam.

Gunjan Thakur, one of the candidates who appeared on the JEE exam, said there was confusion about whether or not to take exams, but it was a right decision as the exam delay caused mental stress among students could have led.

“Although I had no problem because my exam center was near my house, the same couldn’t be said of students from far away,” she said.

All precautions were taken during the exam and we didn’t have any problems during the exam, she added.

Vikas, another student who took the exam, said it was a right decision to take these exams as we had been preparing for exams for a very long time. Despite the pandemic, exams could be taken taking the precautionary measures and this is also a last chance for many students who take this exam and further delaying the exam would have ruined their chances and aspirations.

Tanvi, another student who appeared on the exam, said the exams should have been postponed as coronavirus cases in the state increase and the county and students’ lives cannot be risked. We students also struggled with travel and accommodation problems and hoped that the exams would be postponed until the situation improved somewhat.

One of the parents who accompanied his son to the exam center also said it was the right decision to take the exams as the students have been preparing for them for a very long time and we parents also spent a lot of money coaching our children. Nothing can be done as we have to live with coronavirus.

11 JEE exam centers have been established in the state and 8,397 candidates are expected to appear at JEE exams in the state.


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