Jadavpur University is starting virtual courses for art and science students
KOLKATA: Amid the pandemic, Jadavpur University started holding art and science classes from the previous semester on Monday, which had to be suspended due to lockdown in March, a university official said. The courses held virtually will upload downloadable copies of notes, as well as audio and video clips of lectures, to the university’s website, and students will have to enroll in their respective classes to access the study materials, the official said.

Anyone who does not have a network connection or a smartphone can access the materials from a friend with a suitable device or a cyber café.

The audio and video clips can also be shared between friends via Bluetooth, which is available on almost all types of phones, he said.

Those with a network connection can also receive the materials via email and WhatsAapp, and the faculty concerned can be contacted directly, the official said.

“The same process will be used for the first semester classes starting in September. We don’t want to delay the academic calendar any more,” he said.

When contacted, JU Vice Chancellor Prof. Suranjan Das said: “We make sure that there is no digital gap between the students.”

There cannot be an alternative to taking classes on campus, he said.

“We have no alternative but to find the best arrangement that can help each student,” said Das.

The VC said university authorities and student unions separately conducted surveys to determine the number of students who do not have connected phones.

“We have asked chambers (for trade and industry), alumni, teachers, and even individuals outside the university to help create a corpus fund to provide Android phones and high data packages to students who don’t have such phones and network connections. Lots of people have already contributed, “he said.

An attempt is being made to make such phones and data packets available to these students as soon as possible, he said.

Earlier semester courses for Engineering Stream will begin soon, the official said.


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