IoEs take the lead in introducing 4-year courses
NEU-DELHI: Some of the 20 “Eminence Institutions” are asked to take the lead in introducing the four-year course announced in National Education Policy this year, while others can follow up if they want to adopt the program at the academic session 2020-21.

The step to initiate the introduction of the four-year degree is one of some features of the NEP, which will be implemented this year. The first of its kind, the Academic Credit Bank (ACB), will also be ready by December 2020. The draft law of the Indian Higher Education Commission (HECI) will be made publicly available for feedback in September 2020 before being submitted to Parliament. The framework for the common entrance test for admission to higher education will also be available from February to March 2021, and the first test is expected to be conducted in May 2021.

In August 2019, the government offered IoE status to 20 universities, including four IITs, Banaras Hindu University, Delhi University and 10 private institutions.

According to Amit Khare, Secretary for Higher Education, some IoEs can start the four-year multidisciplinary Bachelor program with several exit and entry options immediately. “The phased implementation of the NEP will begin itself this month. IoEs will be asked to start immediately in 2020-21, as 20 IoEs are selected and some of them have already signed the exit letter because the credit bank was operational at that time would be, “said Khare.

The secretary said other central universities that are ready can join by 2021 and 2022 at the latest. Regarding the ACB, Khare said it will be pilot tested in some IITs and central universities before being launched nationally.

The joint entrance test would also be completed from February to March 2021, and the first test is expected to be conducted in May 2021 immediately after the Class XII board exams.


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