Integrity and Discipline Key to Success: A R Rahman
Everyone should get the gift of music, Oscar winner AR Rahman, founder and director of the KM Music Conservatory, said at the Wednesday edition of Mission Admission, a webinar on careers in music, which included Adam Greig, academic coordinator, KMMC, took part.

Does a formal, structured music course help build a career?

ARR: In the winter garden we teach things like reading sights and knowing the right terminology. So if someone says a word to you, especially if you go to the West, you won’t be intimidated. The language of music is the same worldwide. I also tell my students that they need to expand their learning. And that happens when you work with another artist, painter, or actor.

What are some emerging courses and do you need a musical background to apply for them?

ARR: The younger you are when you learn, the more it is set in stone in your head. So every school should have a musical education. And if you’re passionate, there are many different jobs in the region, some of which you don’t have in India. For example, in India there was no music editor or supervisor, and the composer had to do everything. But after working in Hollywood, we create more musical jobs that have never existed before.

Greig: The range of skills a musician learns improves his ability to be flexible. The concept of the board of trustees also appears in India. There is this great emptiness when it comes to music or art management.

What personal characteristics are you looking for in a student?

ARR: If you are happy with yourself, have integrity and bring the gift of music with you, you can achieve anything. You should also be able to identify “sur” or pitch. then age is not an obstacle to learning music.

Greig: We are looking for drive and willingness to learn, because not everyone could learn music at a young age

Is music a gift you were born with, or does training play a big role?

ARR: You say if you put 10,000 hours into practice you can be a genius and I believe it. People can break you, even family can think you’re not talented, but if you believe in yourself, you can always succeed. The only real-world test you need is to see where you stand compared to the rest of the world.

(Mission Admission is presented in collaboration with Bennett University)


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