Indian students are receiving vacancies in online gaming
NEW DELHI: The Union’s Ministry of Education is working to support students in online games and toy making in order to create employment opportunities for them. The ministry will soon organize a national “online gaming” hackathon to showcase the talent of Indian students.

School children from all over the country get the experience of Indian toy art. Toy and doll building skills are developed among students. Students receive special training to teach the art of making toys and dolls. This training for the students takes place according to international standards.

Union Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank said a hackathon would soon be organized for college students through innovations in toy technology and design, including online games. This hackathon is based on technology and design that reflect the Indian ethos and values.

Union Minister Nishank spoke about job opportunities in the toy industry and online gaming when Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the need of the hour was to make India its own and the toy industry had huge potential for students to tap into.

Nishank said toy and doll-making skills are being developed among high school students. It will be introduced as the theme of ‘Kala Utsav’ which will encourage students to explore and develop various local toys.

As part of the new educational policy, many fundamental changes have been made to the teaching process and textbooks. As students have more opportunities to learn within the new curriculum, teachers also need to introduce new teaching methods.

The Ministry of Education will endeavor to connect every student with the teaching process via a national and a digital platform.

As part of the new education policy, significant changes have been made to school education and a new development-based curriculum and educational structure for school education have been created.


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