A teacher teaching at a government-run primary school in Prayagraj

Officials from the Uttar Pradesh secondary and primary schools will work together as part of a joint initiative to control early school leavers.

As part of a unique statewide initiative to be rolled out across all 75 districts, these officials will ensure that all successful grade 8 students in upper elementary schools, including government-run, government-sponsored and unsupported institutions, qualify for grade 9 this year enroll to continue studying, officials said.

This step is being taken by the state government to stop the high number of students leaving schools in UP at this level, they add.

The Director (Basic Education) Sarvendra Vikram Bahadur Singh has sent a letter regarding this.

“I have instructed all block formation officers to implement this order primarily and intimately with regard to the steps taken,” said Sanjay Kumar Kushwaha of Praygraj Basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA), confirming the development.

As part of the initiative, principals in over 55,000 upper elementary schools – including state-run and state-sponsored – will compile a list of Grade 8 students leaving their respective institutions this year and provide details of the students among those who Admitted to grade 9, he said. The guards will prepare this information at the Kasturba Gandhi state-run girls’ schools, he added. The letter makes it clear that school principals of state-supported and unsupported schools prepare and provide information to the district inspectors of schools (DIOS), while the department for basic education also makes their information available to the respective DIOS. The DIOS will then forward the information received from both sources to the camp office of the State Director (secondary education) in Lucknow.

After analyzing the data, the two departments will focus on students who did not get admission to 9th grade after passing 8th grade and then take a special action to enroll all of those students in schools for theirs Can continue training.

Under the Right to Education (RTE), education is free up to grade 8, but from grade 9 parents have to pay not only school fees, but also books, school uniforms, school bags, etc., and a large number of students drop out of studies.

According to one estimate, the net enrollment rate (NER) in UP at the basic level is 79.86% – 9 percentage points below the overall Indian average of 88.94%. The state has an annual dropout rate of 8.58% at primary level, the sixth highest in the country and more than twice the overall Indian average of 4.13%. In addition, the state’s transition rate from primary to upper primary level of 79.1% is the fourth lowest in the country – 11.04 percentage points below the national average of 90.14%.


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