IIT Madras launches program to motivate UG students to do research

The Indian technology institute Madras has launched the IITM Young Research Fellow, a one-year program designed to motivate students to pursue careers in the research and application of deeper learning.

This program was funded and co-developed by the alumni group of 1979 or 79s, as the group calls itself after its Ruby reunification (40 years). It was inspired by the Advanced Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (better known as Super-UROP) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The IITM Young Research Fellow (YRF) program is open to third-year students and students with two degrees. It offers personal interaction with members of the IIT faculty to participate in cutting-edge research. Students will also benefit from a career and life counseling program offered by 1979 alumni. The students selected for the program receive a monthly fee.

According to the IITM, this will be a one-year program and up to 20 scholarships are to be awarded in the first year.

Subrahmanyam Dravida of the 1979 class, vice president of technology, Qualcomm, Boston, said Business line There was a mandatory research component over the phone as part of their course when he was a student at the IITM. His group’s program was to regain focus on research and deeper technological learning at the bachelor level alma mater.

Dravida, who has been caring for students for a long time, said that when they were involved in an end-to-end project, these children stayed with them and they also learned what it took to turn their heads against a difficulty encounter problem and solve it. He was confident that the IITM YRF will be a transformative effort to re-focus on researching and applying deeper learning to other careers.

Preeti Aghalayam, a professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering at IITM, said the YRF will fill a gap in the undergraduate program by introducing a research component. Students were entitled to project-based credit for their entire course rating. She hoped that large numbers of female students would apply for the YRF and take this opportunity.


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