If no final exams are held, this harms the future of the students: UGC
NEW DELHI: The University Grants Commission (UGC) has informed the Supreme Court that it is not possible to change the July 6 guidelines that require universities across India to complete their final exam by the end of September.

The UGC informed the court that the panel of experts headed by Prof. R.C. Kuhad submitted a report recommending that the final exams be carried out by the universities / institutions by the end of September.

This report was discussed and approved by the UGC at a meeting on July 6th. The Union’s Ministry of Interior had also approved the examination plan from universities and institutions.

“The UGC is alleged to have issued such policies to protect the academic future of students across the country who will be irreparably harmed if their final / final exams are not held while taking into account their health and safety,” said the academic regulator in its affidavit.

The 50-page affidavit states that the final year / semester exams are important because the “learning process is a dynamic interaction where the only way to find out what students know is to provide evidence of seek their knowledge and evaluate it “.

The UGC claimed that the guidelines issued on July 6 adequately take into account the evolving situation of the Covid 19 pandemic, as they provide sufficient time to conduct the trials by the end of September and give the institutions sufficient flexibility to conduct trials online, to perform offline or online mixed route.

If the pupils are unable to appear, they will be given the opportunity to take a special test at a later date.

She stressed that academic grading in the past semester / year is a very important milestone in any educational system and insisted that the courts do not intervene on these political issues. It is clear that courts typically do not interfere with academic decisions and guidelines that affect the standard and quality of education, the UGC said.

It also criticized the decision of some state governments (Maharashtra and Delhi) to either cancel the final exam for UG / PG students and to take these students and award degrees without appearing for the exams. “Such a decision will have a direct impact on the university standard in the country and will encroach on the legal area of ​​coordinating and setting educational standards that are reserved exclusively for Parliament,” the affidavit said.

The UGC urged the Supreme Court to dismiss the series of pleas against the July 6 guidelines, the main petition being a complaint filed by 31 students from Indian universities across the country. Other complaints include one of Shiv Sena’s youth wing, Yuva Sena, headed by Maharashtra Minister Aditya Thackeray.


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