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🔥 ICSE-ISC Board Results Live Updates CISCE board declares class 10 (ICSE) and class 12 (ISC) for today at 3pm. The score will be received 48 hours after the results are published. The board published the results of 10th-12th, 99.33% of the 10th and 96.84% of the students who passed 12th.


  • This year, the executive board will not publish a list of earnings: executive secretary
  • Unsatisfied with the results, students can request a reassessment until July 16

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July 11, 2020, 6:06 am IST

The Council for Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) has published the results of the 10th and 12th boards. Official website of the student committee is waiting for the result https://www.cisce.org/ or results.cisce.org But you can see the result. Apart from the official website, the results can be viewed via SMS. This time, 99.33% of the students in 10th place and 96.84% of the students in 12th place achieved success.

Last year the results came on May 7th, but this year the Corona comes due to the July closure. The CISCE exams, which started from February to March, were intercepted after March 19 due to Corona. After that, it was canceled following an application submitted to the court. Students who are dissatisfied with the results can request a re-evaluation until July 16. For this, the student has to pay a fee of Rs 1000 for each work.

number 10. (ICSE) 12. (ISC)
Joined 2,07,902 88.409
The young 112,668 47.429
girl 95.234 40,980
Successfully 2,06,525 85,611
Failed 1,377 2,798

Earnings list not published

Board secretary Gerry Arrothon said the board will not issue a list of earnings this year. In fact, the board announced the number of students who passed the exam, but this year the names of the toppers, i.e. H. The earnings list, not published. The board made this decision in light of the unusual situation caused by the corona epidemic.

Students can take an optional exam

The grades for the untested subjects were given on the basis of an internal evaluation. The board students were also given the opportunity to reappear in the exam later if the students were not satisfied with their results. However, the dates for these exams have not yet been announced.

The stamp sheet is available after 48 hours

The board issued an official notification of the exam number and pass certificate, indicating that the branded papers will be available 48 hours after Digi Locker announces the results. To pass the exam, you must bring at least 35 percent of the points. Last year, 98.54 percent of the students passed the ICSE, while the ISC exam score was 96.52 percent.

The school can see the results of the students
Using the login ID and password of the headmaster of the CISCE Board, students can view the results of the students on the CAREERS portal.

See your result on the website

  • Student to see the result https://www.cisce.org/ or results.cisce.org Go to
  • The CISCE results page opens on the screen.
  • Send your UID, index number and captcha as soon as the result of the CISCE board arrives.
  • Your result is displayed on the screen.
  • Students can take their expression from here.

Check the results on your phone via SMS
ISCE students can also check the result via SMS. For this, the pupils must get their ID 09248082883 Must be sent to the number. After you have sent your ‘ICSE / ISC (Unique ID)’ to 09248082883, the result will be displayed on your mobile phone.

Apply for repacking

The board has also arranged a reorganization for students who are dissatisfied with their results. To do this, students must register 7 days after the results are published. H. Apply online on July 16. A fee of Rs 1000 must be deposited as a registration fee for a new check. On the results page itself, students can apply for it by selecting the option to stack again.

  • For repacking https://www.cisce.org/ or results.cisce.org Go to
  • Here the results page of CISCE is opened on the screen.
  • Now click on the corresponding check under the result.
  • When you click, read the instructions on stacking again on the new page.
  • After reading the instructions, fill out the captcha and click Register.

The result came on May 7th last year

The result was published on May 7, 2019. 98.54% of the students passed the 10th standard., whereas In grade 12, 96.52% of the students were successful. More than 2.5 lakh students appeared in both the 10th and 12th exams from February 4th to March 25th. At the same time, Devang Kumar Aggarwal from Kolkata and Vibha Swaminathan from Bengaluru took 12th place. In the tenth year, Juhi Rupesh Qajaria and Muktar Manhar Bansal from Mumbai secured first place with 99.60%.


The Ministry of Personnel Development cancels NIOS exams from July 10th to July 12th from July 17th. The outcome will now be determined on the basis of the committee’s new assessment scheme. Exams from July 17th to July 10th will be canceled. The result is now determined on the basis of the evaluation scheme made by the committee

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