IBM is partnering with NSDC to provide free digital skills training

New Delhi [India], Aug 21 (ANI): IBM announced on Friday that it was partnering with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to offer a free digital education platform focused on new technology and professional development skills.

As part of the collaboration, IBM will curate online courses from the Open P-Tech platform and offer them to users through NSDC’s eSkill India portal to teach Indian youth various skills to thrive in future careers.

IBM offers online courses on new technologies such as cybersecurity, blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning, the cloud and Internet of Things, and professional skills such as design thinking free of charge for learners between the ages of 18 and 22.

Currently available in English, the platform will soon be available in various Indian languages ​​- starting with Hindi, followed by 10 Indian languages ​​including Kannada, Telegu, Tamil, Punjabi, Gujarati, Sindhi, Urdu, Bengali.

IBM will catalog its 30+ courses with 60+ hours of study time as a knowledge partner.

Manish Kumar, Managing Director and CEO of NSDC, said the power of technology should be harnessed to reach the youth with scope and quality.

“Online training through digital platforms needs to be accelerated to overcome geographic and socio-economic barriers. Digital learning will enable greater participation of women in the workforce as the scope for employability increases,” he said.

“Overall, digital learning will improve employment and livelihood prospects for youth.”

Sandip Patel, managing director of IBM India and South Asia, said that as the pandemic accelerates the digital transition, there must be new forms of learning if we are to equip young learners with technical and market-related skills.

“Our collaboration with NSDC is an important milestone in equipping the next generation with digital capabilities,” he said.

In the past, IBM has worked with the Department of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship General Directorate Education, the Board of Directors for Secondary Education, NITI Aayog, the State Department of Education, and State Skills Missions to reach more than four lakh learners and students in 22 states through its education and qualification initiatives. (ANI)


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