Hyderabad's 51-year-old man finally passed grade 10 after 33 years
HYDERABAD: While the coronavirus pandemic has caused immense suffering and pain worldwide, it is a “blessing” for a Hyderabad resident who finally passed his grade 10 exam after trying repeatedly in the past 33 years.

Mohammed Nooruddin, 51, is delighted to complete Grade 10 as the Telangana government has promoted all students without taking the pandemic exams.

It was 1987 when Nooruddin, a student from Anjuman Boys High School in the Musheerabad region, first appeared on the Secondary School Certificate (SSC). While he was clearing all the papers, English proved to be a hurdle.

“English has been the biggest weakness since studying in Urdu medium. I wrote the exam every year, but couldn’t reach the 35 points (out of 100) that it took to pass the paper. I just missed this since I scored 32 or 33 points Mark but I decided not to give up, “Nooruddin told IANS.

This year it was more difficult for him because he missed the last appointment to pay the fee to take the exams as a regular candidate and had to apply in the open category. This time he had to rewrite all six papers.

“I worked hard. My daughter, who did B. Com with English as a teaching medium, helped me,” said Nooruddin, a father of four, including a mentally disabled son.

However, due to the Covid 19 situation, the exams could not be conducted and the government decided to treat all candidates as passed. He is happy that he finally passed the SSC, but says that this should have happened a long time ago.

He recalled that in those days approval of the SSC was a must to secure jobs with railroads, police or other departments. “I really wanted to pass the exam, but somehow it didn’t happen,” said Nooruddin, who has worked as a security guard at the same school he studied at since 1990 and currently has a monthly salary of 8,000 rupees.

After his marriage in 1994, he admitted reluctance to take the exam. “Some people made comments, but I always ignored them and tried to do my best every year.”

Nooruddin said that he had written and passed the Fazil exam, which corresponds to the intermediate level (10 + 2) run by Idara-e-Adabiyat-e-Urdu or the Institute of Urdu Literature in 1994. He also completed several courses at Jamia Nizamia, a leading Islamic seminar.

He also runs an Arab Madarsa in Attapur and offers education to children from poor families.


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