HC asks YOU to announce the OBE results by the first week of October
NEW DELHI: The Delhi Supreme Court on Tuesday asked the University of Delhi and its examiners to speed up the online open book exam (OBE) assessment process and preferably publish the results by the first week of October.

The court ordered the university to send letters to the headmasters of all affiliated universities highlighting the need to speed up the assessment process and explain the results quickly.

The court asked the university to issue a circular stating that September 18 is the final deadline for postgraduate and undergraduate students applying for admission to overseas universities to request a comfort letter.

The results of the affected postgraduates who want to travel abroad for higher studies were announced before September 28.

A bank run by Justices Hima Kohli and Subramonium Prasad said the results of postgraduates wishing to go abroad for higher studies will be uploaded to the Delhi University portal on the university’s letterhead on the same day, along with the official’s digital signature without a driver that the result is foresight. Students can also download the result from the website.

With regard to the final year students applying for admission to foreign universities, the court was assured by the university officials that the letter they completed for students with preliminary results should be sent directly to the foreign university within the deadline.

So, if the deadline for filing documents set by a foreign university is September 17th, the University of Delhi will give you the letter priority by September 17th.

The court said that after the letters were sent to foreign universities along with the students’ preliminary results, Delhi University will notify the students concerned so that they can apply for visas.

The court put the matter up for further hearing on September 23, when the university sets a fixed date for the final year students to declare their results.

The court was informed by lawyer Mohinder Rupal, who represents Delhi University, that they had received around 900 emails from students applying for admission to Indian or overseas universities for further study.

After sorting out the e-mails received up to September 14th, there are 15 or 277 students from postgraduate courses or basic courses who apply for admission to foreign universities and whose results must be announced quickly.

The court heard problems from students moving abroad for higher education. The problem arose while hearing a petition on OBE for DU students in their final year of study.

The university had previously informed the court that the results will be announced in late October.


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