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The Department of Higher Education in Haryana will launch an online process for admission to elementary school classes in state colleges starting September 7th for the 2020-21 academic session starting October 6th.

“The online admissions process for this session will begin on September 7th and the first earnings list will be released on September 26th,” an official spokesman for the department said Wednesday.

He said the department had decided to run centralized online admission for elementary school classes for the 2020-21 session.

The event will host online admissions for all state, sponsored and self-funded colleges in the state September 7-21, he said.

“From September 22nd to 25th, after examining the applications and documents, a list of services will be drawn up. The first earnings list will be released on September 26, ”the official said in the statement, adding that the fee for this can be deposited until September 29. The second earnings list will be released on September 30th, which will require a fee to be deposited October 1-5, the official said. “Then the new academic session will begin on October 6,” he said. The previous Tuesday, at a meeting of the Haryana State Higher Education Council, it was decided that upcoming exams for state-sponsored colleges and universities will be held by the end of September last year.

An estimated two Lakh students are expected to take these exams, the results of which will be published by October 31st.

In view of the coronavirus pandemic, students have also been given the opportunity to take the exams online, according to a statement by the state government in which a spokesman for the council was quoted.

However, all arrangements are being made for those taking the exams in the exam rooms, the spokesman said. A minimum distance of two meters between two candidates is maintained and the schedule has also been staggered.


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