Gujarat University does not make arrangements to provide safety equipment to students
AHMEDABAD: Gujarat University students can’t decide what worries them more: their final exams or that the university is not concerned about their safety during the coronavirus pandemic that continues to devastate countries around the world. If you’re one of the 66,000 final year students showing up for GU offline exams starting September 3rd, you’d better wear disinfectant, gloves, water bottle, and a mask – wait, do these two. If you forget to wear your mask or accidentally damage it, Gujarat University has not taken any precautions to ensure your safety in times of a coronavirus pandemic.

The GU, one of the oldest and largest universities in the country, has made no arrangements to provide masks to students at the exam centers. If a thermal scan at the entrance reveals that a student has a high temperature, they will not be able to show up for the exam as the university has not set up a special room for these students. The university does not supply bottled water either.

Kalpen Vora, examiner for GU exams, said, “More than 70 exam centers have been directed to keep student facilities such as drinking water in place. If students forget their water bottle, the college will provide water from its resources. There is no agreement to provide bottles in bottles. ” Water.”

When asked what happens to students who forget to wear or damage masks, Vora said, “Exam centers do not provide masks. Students must either buy one from a nearby store or use a handkerchief as a mask wear when s / he wants to appear for the exam. ”

He added, “Students who have been found to have high temperatures must show up for the next round for exam as keeping a separate room for such students can expose supervisors to coronavirus and endanger their health.” The university’s lack of attitudes towards student safety during an unprecedented pandemic is confusing.

This is in contrast to the Indian Institute for Teacher Education (IITE), which recently took an entrance test with pen and paper. The institute, with over 9,000 candidates, provided the students with face shields, performed thermal scans, and provided social distancing to ensure safety. Himani, a student who will appear for her physical therapy college exam on the VS campus, said she expected the university to look after her students.

“The university should provide safety equipment as thousands of students from different parts of Gujarat come to show up for the exam. It can be disastrous if student safety is compromised at such crucial times,” she said. BCom student Bhavin Chavda said the university should make arrangements for such an emergency situation.

GU officials said they instructed centers to ensure that there are no more than 15 students in each exam room. “Seating is zigzagging to ensure students are a safe distance from each other. The GU has set up exam centers at the district level, under the guidance of the State Department of Education, so that students living outside of Ahmedabad avoid traveling between cities in the US can be in the middle of the pandemic, “said Vora.

An official said that Saurashtra University and Sardar Patel University, which recently conducted exams in penand-paper format, did not provide such additional safety equipment to students. “These state universities have large numbers of students and it is difficult to get safety equipment for everyone,” he added. However, Narayan Bharwad, NSUI President at the GU, countered: “Saurashtra University promised £ 1 in compensation to any student who contracted coronavirus during exams. The GU has no plans to provide safety equipment nor bothered to announce financial aid to students who can get coronavirus? ”

GU V-C Himanshu Pandya said GU will ensure all safety measures for the well-being of the students. “All examination centers must follow the Covid-19 guidelines. The examination rooms have to be refurbished twice. The students enter and leave the examination room while maintaining social distance. There are also other measures. The GU gives more pro – study costs for all centers, so that they can handle the situation with extra care and concern. ”


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