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The Gujarat Supreme Court on Friday passed a clause in a state government resolution calling on self-funded schools not to charge fees as long as they remain closed.

The GR of the State Department of Education was issued on July 16 and challenged in HC by the Federation of Self Financed Schools, which claimed that they had been running online courses since June and that salaries for staff and teachers had to be paid.

On Friday, the bank lifted this special clause in the GR and instructed the government and school association to sit together and find a friendly solution to the fee problem.

At the hearing of the petition on Thursday, a department head, consisting of Chief Justice Vikram Nath and Judge JB Pardiwala, questioned the logic of the state government behind such a directive in schools.

Since other PILs are associated with this petition, a detailed order is expected to be placed soon.

Schools had interrupted online classes for three days after the GR came out, but then restarted to say that they would follow the HC instruction.


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